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i kind of ship rose/sydney more than rose/dimitri…like so much more…i don’t ship romitri at all…

every day i thank the heavens that grace helbig exists

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"In a running theme, the next few parts that I play will be very strange, odd characters. There are a couple of projects in the pipeline that will be along those very same themes that I adore playing which is the oddball of the group, the difficult character."

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Mel ianoshea is an angel from heaven and I love her so you should all love her too!!!!

I’m guilty, sorry. But Carmilla it’s a beautiful addiction, i can’t stop.

it is.!!!1

artgleek85 replied to your post: how does one get an audiobook when one…

on audible.com? or you buy audiobooks at a bookstore with cash

but to get audible you need a credit card :/ and mexican bookstores don’t sell audiobooks…i think…anyway! the one i want, they won’t have…

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how does one get an audiobook when one doesn’t have a credit card???


Get To Know Me Meme: Favourite Celebrities » Kaya Scodelario.

“All the boys were so friendly as well. It was never like, ‘Oh, you’re the girl’, and they had to change what they were saying or act differently around me. I let them fart or whatever they wanted to do.”

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